We are a mark of excellence, ‘ALAMA’, by combining our clients’ needs, site context into our rigorous design process that will enhance the experience of building users and the natural environment. Our team embodies our values and beliefs while generating creative solutions to solve different design problems.

01.Team Work

ALAMA Architecture’s approach utilizes a dynamic, collaborative and interactive team of designers from the inception of the design concept of every project. ALAMA harnesses the individual strengths of our creative and committed technical team to create a synergy that ensures delivery of outstanding design work and project management services.


Using the Green Design Approach ALAMA strives toward solutions that harmoniously integrate buildings with the surrounding natural and built environment. Hallmarks of our designs are efficient use of energy, water, greenery and careful selection of building materials synthesized to create a sustainable built environment. In creating attractive and environmental responsive buildings, we also work to protect the economic, social and natural resources of a place.


An integrated design approach balances ideas from the client, the design team and specialists, forging those inputs into the final success of the project. With this approach, we develop a collaborative relationship between our clients, design team, specialists and local government by working closely together from the early design stage to consider the development conditions, space requirements, material selection, structural systems and building service systems and how they coordinate with supporting systems at the site. Through a systematic analysis of the building project utilizing the shared skills of an integrated group, the ALAMA of a unique and sustainable project is achieved.